Urbanna, VA

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The village of Urbanna is located east of Richmond, VA, on the Rappahannock River which connects to the Chesapeake Bay.  We parked at the lovely Bethpage Camp Resort in Urbanna.  It is a large RV park with terrific facilities, however, since we arrived after the Labor Day weekend it has been very quiet here.


The historic town of Yorktown is located about 1/2 hour south of Urbanna so we went down there to have a look.  Of course, Yorktown is where British General Corwallis surrendered his troops to General George Washington following what would be the last major battle of the American Revolutionary Way.  Although the war would continue for some time this effectively marked the end.  One hundred years later, the Yorktown Victory Monument was erected here to commemorate this event and our alliance with France that helped to bring it about.

Henley and Anne at Libery Hall

Our primary motivation for coming to Urbanna was to continue my reunion with some good friends from the time when I lived in Northern Virginia.  Henley and Anne Dawson lived in Leesburg, VA, during the time that Anne and I worked together but moved to King and Queen Courthouse, VA, some 25 years ago.  They have a lovely 18th century home there on 20 acres, known as Liberty Hall.  They very graciously invited us to spend the weekend with them and Steve Daly, who we lunched with in Rehoboth Beach recently was able to join us as well.  It was a most memorable experience to be able to spend time with these “vintage” friends to talk about our early life together, catch up on recent history and have some great conversation.  Henley and Anne are the most generous hosts imaginable and we will always value this experience.

Next stop:  Keeling, VA


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