Waterloo, NY

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In Waterloo, NY, we parked at the Waterloo Harbor Campground.  This is in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of New York.  When you look at a map you can easily imagine the movement of glaciers that gouged out this series of lakes in a pattern that looks like fingers extending from a hand.

Belhurst Winery

Waterloo is located more or less midway in between two of the largest of the Finger Lakes, Lake Seneca and Lake Cayuga.  Close by to the west of Waterloo is the town of Geneva, to the east is Seneca Falls.  The Finger Lakes region is home to a significant portion of the wineries of New York State.  Apparently, the climate of this area is suitable for growing the types of grapes that are used to make many of the same wines as those produced in Germany.

Along with the wineries, in more recent years there has been a growth of craft beer brewers in the Finger Lakes region.  We picked up a “beer trail” map that shows approximately 80 breweries within a 60 or 70 mile radius of Waterloo.  During our stay here we visited some of the wineries and breweries and sampled some of their brews.

Erie Canal Locks

At our previous stop to visit Niagara Falls, we wrote about our trip to Lockport, NY, to tour historic locks on the Erie Canal.  The course of the canal across New York State runs about 20 miles north of the Finger Lakes.  We drove to Lyons, NY, in order to bicycle along a portion of the canal and see a few more of the 36 locks on the canal.

Next stop:  Cold Brook, NY


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