Barkley Lake Bridge

Barkley Lake bridge

Barkley Lake bridge

On our way to Kenlake Resort, we had to first cross the Barkley Lake Bridge.  It is an old, narrow bridge.  As you can see from the photo, they have begun work on a new, much wider bridge.  The bridge crossing Kentucky Lake, called the Eggners Ferry Bridge has already been replaced with a new bridge which opened only in April 2016.

Naturally, when we crossed Barkley Lake Bridge we met a big truck right in the middle section.  Fortunately, this went without incident.

When we left Kenlake a few days later we had to once again cross the Barkley Lake Bridge.  Again, we met a big truck right in the middle, most difficult part of the bridge.  This time, I got too close to the side of the bridge and caused my passenger side mirror to hit a part of the bridge structure.  From the picture below you can see the scuff marks left on the mirror housing.

In addition to causing a sound like a small explosion and freaking me out, this caused both mirror sections to pop out.  Once we got across the bridge we were able to pull off the road to check out the mirror.  Both mirror sections were hanging from the mirror housing by some small wires used to heat the mirrors.  I was able to pop the mirror sections back into place and we continued our drive.  All things considered, regrettable but not too bad.


4 thoughts on “Barkley Lake Bridge

  1. Hope you had clean undies. Haha. Sorry we missed you over Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to see you before DH!

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