New Orleans, LA

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We visited New Orleans on our road trip in 2014.  It was in January and was pretty cold at the time but we managed to get around to see a lot of the city.  You can check out our blog article from that trip.

French Quarter

This time we encountered much better weather and since we were there over Easter weekend, there was a much larger crowd of people in the city.  We spent one day in the French Quarter seeing the sights and stopping to listen to several of the street bands.  And no visit to New Orleans would be complete without hitting Acme Oyster House for a “dozen raw” and seafood gumbo.

Band in Maison

On another day we stopped into a couple of the many venues on Frenchmen Street for some traditional New Orleans Jazz.  The music venues along Frenchmen Street offer a more sane alternative to Bourbon Street.  We found some enjoyable music at The Maison and Vaso New Orleans.

Crawfish Boil at Jude Travel Park

We stayed at a small RV park about 10 minutes northeast of the French Quarter.  When we arrived they let us know that they would be hosting a crawfish boil on Easter Sunday.  Crawfish boil is tradition for lots of people in Louisiana during the Easter weekend.  Sunday started out with a steady rain but by noon the rain had slowed down and the sky began to clear so our hosts set up their burner and crawfish boil pot and began heating up the water.  Within an hour or so the first pot was ready and they dumped it out on top of the table and invited everyone to dig in.  It was a beautiful and enticing presentation with the mounds of crawfish with red potatoes, onion, corn, cauliflower, sausage and garlic.  They had a total of 100 pounds of crawfish so they boiled three pots..  It was a terrific experience that we enjoyed sharing with our hosts and many of the other RV park guests.

Next stop:  Gautier, MS


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