Fort Stockton, TX

We made a one night stopover here when we came through on our car trip two years ago.  This time we stayed for two nights as we transitioned into Texas from New Mexico.

Fort Stockton

There aren’t any big attractions here but you can begin your tour of Fort Stockton at the visitor’s center which is housed in the old railroad depot.  Across the street you’ll find Paisano Pete, the 22 feet long, 11 feet high Roadrunner, arguably the world’s largest.  The town owes its origins to Comanche Springs which brought forth as much as 4,500 gallons of water per minute.  A military post was established here in 1859 primarily to protect this water source.

The military post became Fort Stockton, consisting of 35 buildings made of adobe and hand-hewn limestone at its peak.  Today there are three original buildings standing that you can tour.  You can also visit the historic Pecos County Courthouse (dating from 1883) and the Annie Riggs Memorial Museum, a house built in 1899 that was operated as a hotel by Annie Riggs and which served the stagecoach line.

Next stop:  Sonora, TX


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