Roswell, NM

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Oh sure, it was quite a few years ago, almost 69 years, 1947 to be exact.  But most people still know that Roswell, NM, is associated with some sort of UFO event.  So, of course, we had to see for ourselves.

UFO Museum

In the center of Roswell, you will find the International UFO Museum and Research Center.  People from around the world travel to Roswell to see the museum exhibits including information on Roswell, crop circles, sightings, Area 51, ancient astronauts and abductions.

The Roswell Incident occurred in early July 1947, when a local rancher came upon a debris field northeast of Roswell.  Not knowing what to make of it, he took some pieces to the Roswell sheriff.  At that time, Roswell was home to Roswell Army Air Field.  The sheriff contacted personnel at RAAF about the items in his possession and an Army intelligence officer was sent to investigate.  The nature of the items in the debris field could not be easily explained nor could the RAAF find any missile testing from White Sands or any other military or government activity that could account for it.

On July 8, the RAAF issued a press release that stated, essentially, that the Air Force had a flying saucer in its possession.  The next day that press release was rescinded and a new statement said that the material found was from a weather balloon.  The cover-up of the Roswell incident had begun.

Around town

The museum has great original materials from the Roswell Incident.  All around town you will find alien themed shops and images of aliens on all sorts of businesses.  Each year during the July 4th celebration, Roswell holds UFO Festival.

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