How Much Does Your Home Weigh?

OK, so most of us don’t have to be concerned with the weight of our homes or with the weight of the items we put into our homes.  But when your home is on wheels then you have to pay attention to its weight.  This is something I have intended to do before this so we took the opportunity to stop off between Phoenix and Tucson to get weighed.


The scales are set up primarily for weighing commercial trucks so for us the Steer and Drive axles represent the front and rear axle of the motorhome and the Trailer Axle is our tow vehicle, the Honda CR-V.  So the Gross Weight for the motorhome is 18,720.

The manufacturer provides weight ratings to let you know the maximum weight that the vehicle can safely manage.  Here is a summary of our actual weights compared to the weight ratings:

Actual Weight Manufacturer Rating
Front Axle 6,200 8,000
Rear Axle 12,520 15,000
Gross Weight 18,720 22,000
Tow Vehicle 3,400

This weight includes Valerie and I, a full fuel tank (80 gallons), about 25 gallons of fresh water and empty waste tanks.  This is typical of what we would carry when on the road.  As you can see, we are comfortably within our rated weight.

The manufacturer also provides what’s referred to as Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC).  This is the maximum total weight of added cargo, personal items, fuel and other fluids.  When shopping for a motorhome it’s important to pay attention to this information.  We found that CCC could vary widely from perhaps as low as 800 pounds to several thousand pounds.  CCC for our motorhome is 4,774 pounds.  Backing this out of the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 22,000 pounds would imply a “dry” weight (empty of any cargo or fluids) of 17,226.

This would say that at the time we got weighed we have added approximately 1,500 pounds to the vehicle, including ourselves.  Again, comfortably within the rated CCC.  Good to get this confirmation.


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