Deming, NM

We spent two nights in Deming, it was a stopover for us.  I don’t really like driving more than 3 or 4 hours at a time.  So Deming got us to that point heading east from Benson, AZ.  We were parked at the Low-Hi RV Ranch.


Overall, it’s not a luxurious RV park but it is clean and the staff provides good customer service.  Mostly we appreciated how they expressed their sense of humor and whimsy by creating some little “gardens” around the park and naming them.  There was the “Pyramid of Geezers”, “Lizard Graveyard” and “Stumphenge”, which is pictured above.


Then there was the iconic Roadrunner.

Next stop:  Alamogordo, NM


Tucson, AZ

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It was almost exactly two years ago when we visited Saguaro National Park near Tucson.  That was on our westward bound portion of a car road trip that took us from coast to coast starting in October 2013.  This time we parked our motorhome at the Western Way RV Resort which is located a little southwest of Tucson, a short drive from the Tucson Mountain District visitor’s center in the western portion of the park.  We wanted to come back to see the Saguaros that are such beautiful and stately plants.  Some of the native people believe that the Saguaro embodies the spirit of their ancestors, standing tall and strong as an example to be followed.

Saguaro National Park Continue reading

How Much Does Your Home Weigh?

OK, so most of us don’t have to be concerned with the weight of our homes or with the weight of the items we put into our homes.  But when your home is on wheels then you have to pay attention to its weight.  This is something I have intended to do before this so we took the opportunity to stop off between Phoenix and Tucson to get weighed.


The scales are set up primarily for weighing commercial trucks so for us the Steer and Drive axles represent the front and rear axle of the motorhome and the Trailer Axle is our tow vehicle, the Honda CR-V.  So the Gross Weight for the motorhome is 18,720. Continue reading