RV Repairs and Upgrades – Part I

You may recall that during our summer trip, our leveler motor died. We attempted to get it repaired in Idaho Falls, ID, but the timing didn’t work out. The manufacturer determined that they would need more time than expected to make the parts. So we arranged to have the parts shipped to Camping World in La Mirada, CA, once they had been manufactured. We continued our trip through Idaho, Utah, Nevada and back into Southern California. Once we got back we arranged for the parts to be installed. This was completed in late October.

Leveler Jacks

Another issue we had on that trip was that the slide lock for the passenger side slide stopped working. This slide out is quite large, about 20 feet long and is quite heavy since it has the kitchen cabinets, Corian countertop, refrigerator, stove, microwave/convection oven and the bed. For safety, when the slide is retracted it has a locking mechanism at the roofline in order to hold it in place while driving. As with the levelers, we had a good manual substitute in the form of an expandable bar with pads on each end. This can be placed in the opening on top of the slide to prevent any movement while in transit. This repair was completed in mid-November.

When we purchased our motorhome we knew there was a roof mounted satellite that was supposed to be compatible with both DirecTV and Dish, however we didn’t have any way to know whether it was working. We had so many other priorities to get addressed we put this on the back burner and made our summer trip without trying to use it but wanted to check it out before our next extended outing. In November, we got a DirecTV receiver, tried to connect everything but couldn’t seem to get it to work. After consultation with various repair technicians we determined that it was not working and the manufacturer had discontinued this particular item so that it likely could not be repaired. We found that our extended warranty would provide for a replacement with an equivalent new unit. So we became the proud owners of a new roof mounted satellite system from Winegard. Now, when we arrive at a new location, we turn on the TV, receiver and roof satellite, the satellite then takes 5 to 10 minutes to locate and lock onto the signal. All we need is power and an unobstructed view to the south/southeastern sky.

And then there was our first major DIY project. That’s Part II of this article.


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