Dockweiler State Beach

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Once we got back to Southern California we wanted to spend a few days in an RV park to ease our transition back to “living on land”.  There aren’t too many RV parks in the South Bay area near Torrance.  One of the few is Dockweiler State Beach RV Park.  It is located right on the beach in El Segundo between Manhattan Beach and Marina del Rey.

Dockweiler State Beach

From a weather standpoint our timing was not very good.  We managed to hit a streak of hot and humid weather, something rarely seen at the beach in this part of Southern California.  Still we were able to make use of the bike path that runs all along this portion of the coast.

From here, we arranged for a parking place in a storage lot where we can stash the motorhome during our time visiting with family and friends.


Barstow, CA

Barstow was a one night stop over for us to break up the drive from Las Vegas.  We stayed at the quirky Shady Lane RV Camp.

Shady Lane RV Camp, Barstow, CA

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

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Lake Mead was formed following the building of the Hoover Dam, originally called Boulder Dam.  If full, Lake Mead would be 112 miles long and have 247 square miles of surface.  Of course, it is far from full, the lake is approximately 30% below the level that would be considered full.  Nearby Boulder City, Nevada, was home to many of the workers during the construction of the dam.

Lake Mead RV Village

We stayed at Lake Mead RV Village at Boulder Beach on Lake Mead.  This part of the lake is located about 25 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

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Zion National Park

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Zion National Park feels somewhat like an inside out Grand Canyon.  You enter the park in the bottom of the canyon along the Virgin River.  The sheer canyon walls tower above you, in some cases 4,000 feet, as you travel deeper north into the canyon.  It’s certainly not the same scale as the Grand Canyon but it definitely impresses.

Angels Landing TrailWe took on a couple of the hikes here in the Zion Canyon.  The first is the Angels Landing Hike (via the West Rim Trail).  It’s listed as a 5.4 mile round trip with 1,488 feet of elevation.  The first part is fairly straightforward with a good surface although steep at times it provided nice views of the canyon.  Later you come to Walter’s Wiggles which is a series of very short, steep switchbacks.  This takes you to a plateau from which you get a dramatic view with sheer drops of about 1,000 feet.  From this point you must scramble across a steep rocky surface to get up and over an intermediate peak.  You are provided a chain that you can hang onto to ensure you don’t tumble off into oblivion.  Past this first peak you can then see the final scramble that will take you to the top of Angels Landing.  It first crosses a narrow span and then up the spine of the next peak.  The sheer drops on both sides will leave your throat a little constricted.  We made it past the first peak but I was not prepared to take on the remainder so we took some nice photos from this vantage point and began our return hike. Continue reading