Salt Lake City, UT

We spent two nights in Draper, UT, which we used as an opportunity to do a one day tour of Salt Lake City (pics).  We began our tour by visiting the Utah State Capitol Building.  It was first constructed in the early 1900’s and opened for business in 1916.  Like so many state capitol buildings, it has undergone significant renovation, in this case between 2004 and 2008, in order to upgrade the building’s foundation to help safeguard it against the risk of earthquakes and to restore the original beauty and artwork of the Capitol.

State Capitol

No visit to SLC would be complete without having a look at Temple Square which I suppose you could say is to the Mormons what the Vatican is to Catholics.  This is the spot where Brigham Young planted a stake and declared that it would be the location of a grand temple.  It is also the location of the The Tabernacle, Assembly Hall and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

The Temple

We took their tour which covered The Tabernacle and Assembly Hall.  Entrance to the Temple is limited to believers only.  One of the young ladies who conducted our tour, I think they are called Sister Missionaries, was from Italy.  I thought it was interesting to hear her talk about the beauty of these buildings when her country has many of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.  I suppose this is understandable and comes from her zeal for her beliefs.

Next stop:  Wellington, UT


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