Idaho Falls, ID

Our main objective in returning to Idaho Falls (pics) was to complete the repair of the levelers on our motorhome.  The plan was for the parts to be built and shipped while we were visiting the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  We would then return to Idaho Falls to have the parts installed and then be on our way.  Didn’t exactly work out that way.

The Falls

The manufacturer determined that the parts would take longer than originally thought and would not be ready to ship until September 11th.  (Haven’t they ever done this before?)  Clearly, we didn’t want to delay our trip any more than necessary, so after considering various options we are working on having this whole process moved to Southern California and delay the repair until we complete our trip.  This should protect us from any potential additional delays on the part of the manufacturer.  We should have plenty of time then to allow for the repair without impacting our trip progress.

Smoked Idaho trout

Meanwhile, we enjoyed Idaho Falls and continued to plan our trip south.  We finally managed to try locally caught Idaho trout.  We had a smoked trout appetizer at a local restaurant as well cook at home trout fillets purchased at the Saturday farmer’s market.  Delightful.

Next stop:  Pocatello, Idaho


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