Ashton, ID

As we continue to explore the wide variety of the types of experiences that RV Parks can provide, Aspen Acres is an interesting one.  We wanted a sort of staging point prior to beginning our visits to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  We chose Ashton, ID, (pics) and Aspen Acres Golf and RV Resort.

Aspen Acres RV Park

As you head east from the small town of Ashton, you drive through rolling hills covered with wheat.  At this time of year those fields are vast patches of golden colored straw.  We made several turns on narrow farm roads until finally we saw a large stand of aspen trees on a hill.  The family that developed Aspen Acres grew up here, left, spent time in California and developed an interest in golf.  When they returned to Idaho, they began to develop their own golf course.  When friends wanted to come visit, they provided a couple of sites for them to park their RVs.  Today, it’s an 18 hole course with 40 RV sites.

The RV sites are woven in among the aspen trees, providing full hookups and a mostly shaded spot with water, 50 amp power and sewer connections.  It was quiet and peaceful.  For our morning walk, one day we walked the 18 holes as if we were playing a round of golf.  During our walk, there was a thunderstorm passing by just to the south of us so we were treated to a lightening show as a bonus.

This stop allowed us to catch up on our laundry and do some cooking for our upcoming stop in Grand Teton National Park.


2 thoughts on “Ashton, ID

  1. Do many people use the RV park? It looks like a great place to stay. The golf course looks like it is kept in good shape. Many people golf there?

    • Yes, actually, there were quite a few people there, mostly old people like us, several of them playing golf. There isn’t much else to do around there. It was very nice, nestled among the aspens you felt like you were in the wilderness but it is surrounded by wheat fields. Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:08:33 +0000 To:

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