Picabo, ID (Sun Valley)

If you were driving along US Highway 20 in eastern Idaho, you might well not give much notice as you pass by Picabo, ID (pics), pronounced pick’-a-boo.  There’s not much to attract your attention, the Picabo Angler store with Texaco gas pumps and the Rancher’s Supply store  across the street are the only noticeable enterprises.  Alongside the highway is a small RV park with 17 spaces which is adjacent to a field belonging to one of the many ranches around Picabo, this one has about 40 or 50 sheep, two llamas and two horses.  Nice neighbors.

Our sheep neighbors

While enjoying the bucolic beauty of Picabo, we also took a day trip north about 35 miles to Sun Valley.  Sun Valley refers to what is generally thought of as a ski resort which consists of the Sun Valley Lodge and the ski area of Bald Mountain in nearby Ketchum, ID, and is a seasonal home to some of the rich and famous.  Our objective was to see Sun Valley and to hike one of the trails on Bald Mountain.

Along the trail

We began at the River Run Lodge which is a day use lodge.  We chose the Bald Mountain trail which would take us to the top of the gondola.  Once there we would be able to ride back down to the base.  This hike required an almost 2,000 foot change in elevation over the course of about a 3 mile trail.  The base is at 5,750 feet with the top of the gondola at 7,680.  We had terrific weather with clear skies and moderate temperatures.  It was a tiring hike but it gave us some beautiful views of Sun Valley.  However, it’s not likely we’ll be back here to ski.  Although they haven’t yet posted their daily lift ticket prices for the upcoming season, we were shocked at the price of almost $1,500 for a season ticket.  For comparison, the comparable season ticket at the Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe is less than 1/3 of that.

Next stop:  Arco, ID


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