Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Crystal Crane Hot Springs (pics) was our stopover while traveling from Bend, OR, to Boise, ID.  It’s located about 20 miles east of Burns, OR, with pretty much nothing else around.  Oh, sure, there are some farms around, you can actually see a few scattered lights in the distance once it gets dark.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

The hot springs here are natural mineral springs that are pumped up from as much as 350 feet down.  They have a large pond for soaking as well as private hot tub rooms.  They have small cabins, RV spaces, a tent camping area and even a teepee.  There was a large common area with books, games and a TV.  They even have a “camp kitchen” which is available for guest use.  Suffice to say it was a quiet and peaceful stopover in eastern Oregon.

Next up is Boise, ID.


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