Bend, OR

Bend, OR, (pics) was our resting spot in Central Oregon for 3 nights.  We were parked at Scandia RV Park.  Close by we had access to Fred Meyer, Walmart and Costco for fueling and restocking.

Old Mill District

Bend has a population of 85,000 and sits along the Deschutes River which runs north through the city, unusual for a river in North America.  The city of Bend has an appealing downtown area in addition to the Old Mill District, named for the lumber mill which formed the beginning of the town.  They have a terrific walking path on both sides of the river in this area that connects to the Deschutes River Trail.  It allows you to transition from an urban walking path to a heavily wooded riverside trail.

Bend also has a very active microbrewery community and is home to Deschutes Brewery which is the 7th largest microbrewery in the United States.  This was too good to ignore so we took the opportunity to visit the brewery and join their tour.  Deschutes’ original brew is the Black Butte Porter and is the largest selling porter in the US.  We also tasted their Obsidian Stout which is a beautiful and delicious dark beer.

Next stop:  Burns, OR.


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