Pismo Beach, CA

We used our second anniversary (pics) as an excuse to make a short visit to the central coast of California.  On the drive up we stopped in for some lunch at La Super Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara.  Here it’s all about the tacos.  It’s quite a popular place.

Lunch at La Super Rica

We stayed in Pismo Beach and we wanted to get there in time to get to the San Luis Obispo Thursday night farmer’s market.  They close off several blocks of one of the downtown streets for this event which draws a huge crowd.  It is a large event and goes well beyond the image your mind might conjure up when you hear “farmer’s market”.  Sure there are fruit and vegetable sellers and at this time of year the strawberry crop is just getting started.  But the real draw is the smoke billowing from numerous grills up and down the street and the tantalizing smell that draws you closer.  In this part of California they love their BBQ.  This is not the slow cooked type of BBQ from other parts of the US.  Here it’s on a large open grill.


We had a lovely dinner at Steamers restaurant in Pismo Beach located on the cliff above the beach.  We especially enjoyed their signature steamed clams which arrive floating in a rich broth that demands to have bread dipped into it.

Steamed clams

It was an enjoyable visit to a beautiful part of the California coast.


2 thoughts on “Pismo Beach, CA

  1. Looks so yummy! Scenery is soooo beautiful! I’m so envious here in rain& cool weather! We have had an unusually wet & cold spring! Plants love it but humans – not so much!

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