Leeds, England

As a result of a scheduling issue we spent one night in Leeds (pics), one of the UK’s fastest growing cities.  Recent redevelopment efforts have transformed Leeds from near derelict mill town into skyscraping office blocks, waterfront apartment complexes and renovated Victorian shopping arcades.

Shopping arcades

We didn’t have much time here but we did visit the Royal Armouries Museum.  It was originally designed to house the armor and weapons from the Tower of London but since has been expanded to cover 3,000 years of fighting and self-defense.  Ok, it may not sound terribly enticing but the exhibits are varied and interesting.  One particular display that caught our interest was the elephant armor.  War elephants were used very effectively by the Mughal Indian armies as early as the 13th century.  The armor on display here is the only example of almost complete elephant armor in any public collection anywhere in the world.  The complete armor would weigh about 350 pounds.  It was probably made in the late 16th or early 17th century.

Along Leeds-Liverpool Canal

Also of note in Leeds is that it is the eastern end of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal which was built in the late 18th century to facilitate trading among northern English towns.  During this time Liverpool was a major port city so this 127 mile canal proved to be a valuable link for two way commerce.


One thought on “Leeds, England

  1. Hi kevin and Val. What a beautiful and fabulous picture you took of the skyscraper office blocks, etc. in the city of Leeds. It’s a shame you couldn’t spend a few more days there. Gosh, you’ve covered so many interesting and beautiful cities in Paris, London, etc. what a wonderful and exciting vacation you’re having. Can’t wait to see all the pictures Val has taken. By the way, I thought you were in your fifties !!!!!!! You really took good care of your self, kevin !!!!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Take care, be safe and keep warm. Love you both very much !!!!!! Mom


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