Portland’s 4T Trail

The 4T Trail in Portland is a very enjoyable way to experience various parts of the city while getting some exercise.  The 4T stands for train, trail, tram and trolley.  You can start at any of the points along the circuit and then continue from there.

Train Station

We were staying in a hotel east of Portland so we went to one of the local stations and rode the train into the center of Portland, satisfying the first T of our circuit.  Portland’s transit system is called TriMET and one ticket allows you to ride the train as well as buses.  We took the train to the station for the Portland Zoo where the next leg of the 4T Trail picks up.

From Council Crest Park

From the Zoo there is a hiking trail that heads up to Council Crest Park, which at 1,073 feet is the highest point in Portland and affords a great view of the city as well as Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier.  From the crest the trail continues to the Oregon Health and Science University making a total hike of about 4 miles.

Portland Aerial Tram

At OHSU you can take the Portland Aerial Tram down to the South Waterfront.  The tram drops 500 feet in elevation and travels at 22 miles per hour.

Portland, OR

Also, from the outdoor platform adjacent to the top of the tram, on a clear day (which we had) you get a panoramic view of Portland and the rivers that run through the city.

Portland Streetcar

Adjacent to the lower aerial tram station you can catch the Portland streetcar or trolley.  The trolley takes you north through Portland State University into the center of downtown Portland.

Food trucks

At this point you can once again catch the train to another destination.  Before heading back to our hotel we took a walk and found an area of town where about 50 food trucks are located.  We had a nice snack there and then found the Deschutes Brewery and sampled some of Portland’s fine microbrews.

Deschutes Brewery


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