Hiking in Morro Bay State Park

First stop on the road trip, Morro Bay, California.


The Road Trip Beckons

On Friday, May 30, 2014, we’ll be taking off for a six week road trip, this time up the west coast reaching as far north as Vancouver, BC.

imageAbout 16 days of this road trip will be spent house sitting in Seattle, WA.  We begin the house sitting on June 25 so that gives us about 3 and one-half weeks to explore along the way.  This will be mostly new territory for both of us so we’re looking forward to exploring the beaches, redwood forests, sand dunes, islands and waterfalls that lie within our path.

We’ll be following the Pacific coast through California and Oregon, veering inland to visit Portland and the Columbia River Valley.  Then on into Washington and Canada to visit Vancouver, BC.  We’ll then work our way back down to Seattle in time to begin our house sitting.

Once we finish the house sitting we’ll have to hustle back to Southern California in order to get ready for Valerie’s family group vacation event, also known as “Forced Family Fun”.

House Sitting in Rancho Cucamonga

Over the Memorial Day weekend (May 22 through May 27, 2014) we had the opportunity to house sit in Rancho Cucamonga with a super nice cat named Simba.  Our hosts took a trip to the Portand, OR, area in order to attend a photography workshop and visit with family.

They adopted Simba from someone in their neighborhood who wasn’t providing very good care for him.  His new owners provide a very nice home for him and he seems really happy to be there.  He spends most of his day out visiting and exploring his territory so he was super easy to sit for. Continue reading