Little Rock, Arkansas

For our brief visit to Little Rock (pics) we encountered some unpleasant weather that hindered our sightseeing.  It was quite cold and raining.  In fact, the temperature was right at 32 degrees while it was raining so there was a little ice forming in the trees.

Arkansas State Capitol Building

We did get to tour the Arkansas State Capitol building.  It was constructed between 1899 and 1915 on the site of the old state penitentiary using prison labor.  The marble used on the interior came from Vermont, Colorado and Alabama.  The exterior limestone was quarried near Batesville, Arkansas.

The rotunda features a chandelier weighing more than 4,000 pounds suspended from the dome by a 73-foot chain.  The east front entrance has 3 sets of 10-foot tall bronze doors.  These doors were originally purchased from Tiffany’s in 1910 for $10,000 and are valued in the millions today.

View from LR River Market

In addition to the capitol we braved the elements to explore the Little Rock River Market.  It’s easy to see that that this area would provide great fun and entertainment during warm weather months.


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