Cove Lake

For our drive from Fort Smith, AR, to Hot Springs we took a road that is an Arkansas Scenic Byway.  Along the way we encountered Cove Lake (pics).  It’s a small lake in the Ozark National Forest near Mount Magazine.

Cove Lake

The water was so still that it provided a near perfect reflection of the tree covered hills on the other side of the lake.  In addition, just as we pulled up to the lake shore two Bald Eagles took flight from the trees along the shore.  In the photo below you can see one of the birds just lifting off from the tree near the top of the photo, in the middle of the photo is one that is in-flight and at the bottom you can see its reflection in the lake’s surface.

Cove Lake with Eagles

It turns out that many Eagles spend their winter in this part of Arkansas.  These birds migrate from Southern Canada and the Great Lakes region.  Bald Eagles frequent waterways since they feed on fish and ducks.  The heaviest concentration can be found in Arkansas during January and February.


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