Amarillo, TX

Our route took us through the Texas panhandle and that means Amarillo (pics).  There just isn’t much else to command your attention in this part of Texas.


Approaching Amarillo from the west, the first interesting sight is the Cadillac Ranch.  This is a whimsical “sculpture” that was created in 1974 by a local wealthy landowner and patron of the arts.  It consists of 10 half buried Cadillac automobiles, vintage 1949 to 1963.  They are buried nose down at an angle corresponding to that of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.  (Seriously, I can’t make this up.)

Big Texan Steak Ranch

Another interesting attraction in Amarillo is “Big Texan Steak Ranch”.  Before getting to Amarillo, you see billboard after billboard touting the free 72-ounce steak that you will find at Big Texan.  The restaurant was originally opened in 1960 on Route 66.  The Big Texan sign quickly became an icon and they enjoyed great success.  However, in 1970, Interstate 40 opened and Route 66 was bypassed.  Business dropped dramatically forcing the founder to move to it’s present location on the Interstate.  Of course there are a few conditions associated with receiving your free 72-ounce steak.  You must complete it within an hour along with the side dishes.

Big Texan Steak Ranch is an interesting and entertaining diversion but since we’re not meat eaters I can’t report on the food.  However, based upon the smell coming from the grill it should be tasty.


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