Sedona, AZ & Oak Creek Canyon

Just south of Flagstaff, AZ, State Route 89A takes you through Oak Creek Canyon (pics).  This relatively narrow canyon is about 18 miles long and, of course has Oak Creek running through it.  It will impress you with its spectacularly colored white, yellow and red cliffs and during this time of year, the fall colors of the trees.

Oak Creek Canyon

Since we made this drive on a Saturday, the road and what little parking there was for hikers, was very busy.  Near the visitor’s center (closed for winter) we found a lady selling beautiful organic apples.  We snagged a bag of the Rome Beauty apples.  Also in the canyon you will find Slide Rock State Park.  At the southern end of Oak Creek Canyon you are rewarded with the beauty of Sedona, AZ.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona is blessed with bright blue skies, rugged and colorful rock formations and animated clouds.  No wonder that artists of every stripe find their way to Sedona.  In addition, the hills around Sedona are said to have a high concentration of vortexes, areas that emit energy upward from the earth.  These vortexes here are said to posses a variety of the all important energies.  So Sedona appeals to the spiritualists as well as the artists.

Certainly, both Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona are beautiful places to visit.


3 thoughts on “Sedona, AZ & Oak Creek Canyon

  1. There are many other things to see in Sedona. Chapel of the Holy Cross, Honanki and Palatki ruins, great shopping and beautiful views are just a few of the things that make a trip to Sedona a unique and great experience. Sedona green

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