Seligman, AZ

The town of Seligman, AZ, wholeheartedly embraced the many travelers that came their way when Route 66 was first built in the 1920’s.  The town provided them a place to stay, something to eat and places to buy the all important Route 66 memorabilia.

Angel & Vilma's Route 66 Gift Shop

Even though Interstate 40 took away many of those travelers, Seligman continues to provide a glimpse of the glory of the Mother Road.  The Road Kill 66 Café, the Supai Motel, the Snow Cap Drive-In are all still there to serve you.  The heart of Seligman is Angel and Vilma’s Route 66 Gift Shop.  The shop has all manner of Route 66 items that you must have.  When we were there, a tour bus was stopped in front and the Japanese tourists were shopping with gusto.  We were surprised to hear the store owners conversing with the shoppers in Japanese.  Clearly, they have been able to capitalize upon the worldwide awareness of this iconic American highway.


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