Road Trip 2013/2014

That’s right.  We’re taking a road trip.  We’re loading up the Honda CR-V with our bicycles and other necessities and heading east.  Our target for the first phase of this trip is to meet up with my family for our annual event at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee beginning on December 4, 2013.  So we’re giving ourselves 5 weeks to make this trip, leaving southern California on October 28th.


Our route will generally follow Interstate 40 with a few deviations.  We have planned visits to some fun spots but we will give ourselves time to discover others as we go.


4 thoughts on “Road Trip 2013/2014

  1. I think that’s because you’re coming to my house first, right? Also, did you actually leave on the 28th as planned? It sounds like a fabulous trip- just open to adventure as it presents itself! My idea of a wonderful way to travel! Have fun and keep us posted as you go, with blogging and pix of course!

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