La Boca, Buenos Aires

In the late 1800’s, many of the working class Spanish and Italian immigrants who came to Buenos Aires settled in this neighborhood (photos) on the south side of Buenos Aires.  They worked in the meat packing plants and in the shipyards around the Riachuelo river.

La Boca-Caminito

Since these workers didn’t have much money, they used whatever leftover paint they could find to paint the corrugated metal sidings of their homes, giving La Boca what would become its claim to fame.  This patchwork of bright colors has been maintained over the years.  Now, especially on weekends, the tourist crowds flock here to walk Caminito, La Boca’s most famous street.

La Boca

You can browse the craft shops, the many paintings and sculptures on display in the streets, stop into a café or watch some tango dancers.

The other big draw in La Boca is La Bombonera stadium, home to the Boca Juniors football club.  The Boca Juniors team is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs in Argentina and in the world.  While in La Boca you can load up on team apparel as well as virtually anything else that can possibly be decorated in the club colors.


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