San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo (photos) is one of BA’s most historically rich neighborhoods.  Its narrow cobbled streets and beautifully aging colonial buildings give it a charming and comfortable feel.  It sits just to the south of the city center and is host to many tango parlors and cafes.

Plaza Dorrego

The heart of San Telmo is Plaza Dorrego.  The streets around the plaza are lined with antique shops and on Sundays, the plaza and Avenida Defensa, the primary north-south street through San Telmo are closed to traffic and filled with street stalls selling antiques as well as all manner of more modern knickknacks.

Tango dancers-Drusila restaurant

You can also catch a tango demonstration in the street around the plaza throughout the day on Sunday.  Many of the restaurants around the plaza will have their own tango dancers to entice you to come inside and enjoy their food.  We stopped in at Drusila restaurant for a snack and to watch their tango dancers.

La Casa MinimaAlso, notable in San Telmo is Dorrego Café, one of the oldest cafes in Buenos Aires and La Casa Minima.  This exceptionally narrow home was apparently built by some freed slaves in the early 1800’s.  They were allowed to build in the space between two existing buildings.  The house is barely wider than its front door.


One thought on “San Telmo, Buenos Aires

  1. Hi Kevin and Val,  The picture you took looks like a scene I’ve seen in  my dvds of cities in Paris.   What a beautiful city!!!!!  What an exciting trip your’re having. Looks like you have a busy schedule when you return–house sitting and Jason and Ashley’s baby on his way soon. Have a good trip home.  See you soon.  Love you both–MOM


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