Tres Fronteras

Less than a mile west of the town of Puerto Iguazu, there is an impressive sight where the Iguazú River meets with the Paraná River.  This creates a “T” intersection with three land masses.  In this case, the three land masses are portions of 3 different countries.

Tres Fronteras-Intersection of the two rivers-From Argentina, Brazil right, Paraguay left

In Spanish, “frontera” means border, so here the 3 borders are Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.  Each country has installed a marker with the colors of their flag: blue and white for Argentina; red, white and blue for Paraguay; green and yellow for Brazil.  Therefore, from this spot, tres fronteras, you can view all three markers (Brazil’s marker is a little hard to pick out since the color blends in with the trees).


2 thoughts on “Tres Fronteras

  1. Been there, done that, on a river boat for about 6 hours on a Sunday, before the terrorist took over that portion of Paraquay. Very interesting part of the world.

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