Buenos Aires–Apartment

When we began planning for our visit to Buenos Aires, we knew that we would be there for longer than our average time at a particular location.  Also, we would use it as a base for our trip to Iguazu Falls and to Uruguay.

Portion of Avenida 9 de Julio

So, I checked out Homeaway.com to see what we could find for an apartment.  I found 2 or 3 good possibilities with reasonable prices and in good locations.  I sent some follow up questions to them and we soon settled on a studio apartment in the Palermo neighborhood.  More specifically, it is in an area called Las Cañitas, in the northern part of Palermo.

The apartment is owned by a couple from Park City, UT.  The wife is originally from Buenos Aires and her mother still lives there so she was able to meet us at the apartment to give us the keys.  It’s a studio with a bed, sofa, small dining table, small balcony and little kitchen.  Everything we need.

The neighborhood where it’s located is really nice.  There are no less than 10 nice restaurants within a block in either direction.  Within 2 blocks, there are two food markets, a fruit and vegetable shop, a panaderia (bakery) and a laundry.  An additional 2 blocks will take us to the nearest Subte station (Subte is short for subterraneo or subway) which will take us to most other parts of BA.  Otherwise, there are just apartment buildings so there is very little street traffic.

From here, we will be exploring some of the many interesting neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, a city of 13 million inhabitants.


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