Saturday Afternoon

Canoa, Ecuador

A Beer and a Tequila Sunrise on the Beach

Toes in the sand with a cold beverage.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon

  1. While you’re sitting there with your toes in the sand, we’re over here trying to save the baby blue jay we’re hosting. Mom Jay was sounding the alarm while we were finally watching zero dark thirty you provided. Upon perimeter check a young raccoon was sited in the loquat tree. Mom was right in there frantically trying to scare off the creature that was 20 times larger than her. I got the hose, Tim the broom, between the two of us the raccoon could not care less. Whilsts standing there wondering what our next move should be we hear little footsteps coming at us from behind. The raccoon in question moved into a prime spot at which to toss loquat pits at us. Fortunately he has bad aim. Footsteps are closer, raccoons aim getting better, At this point it’s every man for himself. I’m out of there… Tim’s rushing the bank chasing lord know what. Even Esme’s freaked out. A good time was had by all. Now the movie is messed up….. woe, woe, woe… but who needs a movie after all the backyard excitement!

    • You paint a colorful picture. They Blue Jay squawking, the raccoon hissing and tossing pits, you with the water hose, Tim sweeping the foliage and Esme (and no doubt, Boo Boo alongside) yapping. Good fun.

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