Bad News, Good News

All’s well that ends.


Ok, the bad news first.  In our prior post, we shared that our luggage didn’t make it to Quito.  On Friday we went out to, among other things, visit the TACA office in Quito to see if we could get better information about the location of our luggage.  They were no help, just a ticket sales office.  We also took advantage of the nearby Mega-Maxi (Wal-Mart type of store) to pick up a few essential items that we no longer wanted to be without.  This was about an hour walk from our hotel so we decided to take the “trole” back.  This is a bus that runs its route on dedicated lanes so it doesn’t get hung up in the traffic.  We had utilized this bus when we were in Quito two years ago.  It was extremely crowded.  We had to push our way on and off.  Once off, we realized that Valerie’s camera was gone.  Also, her shoulder bag had been cut and her English-Spanish translator was gone.

Quito Bus

Yes, we knew better and took precautions when we rode it on our last visit.  Valerie zipped everything up inside her jacket and held tight.  So we had become complacent.  Lesson learned.

Now, the good news.  I made and attempted to make many phone calls to TACA and American Airlines regarding the luggage (thank you Magic Jack).  On one of the calls to TACA, the lady said the luggage was in JFK, later during the same call she said it was in San Jose, Costa Rica and then said that it could already be in Quito.  Oy!  After more phone calls on Friday to both American and Taca without any new information, I was able to reach someone at the Quito airport.  I got Juan on the phone and once I told him my name, he said, “Tenemos su equipaje aqui”.  Those were indeed welcome words, “We have your luggage here.”  He went on to confirm our location and said they would deliver the luggage right away.  It arrived at about 8:00pm on Friday night.  Everything was intact and in good condition.

Grilled plantain con queso

As for the camera, we travel with another compact digital camera that can be used underwater which we can use for all of our photos so we have a backup.

So the trip can now begin.  We’re down a camera and have been reminded to use precautions.  Pickpockets are are world wide problem, not only Ecuador.

Microproductos Kevin

On another note, if I wanted to establish a business in Quito, here’s one ready to go with my name on it.  (Note the sign above my head to the right.)


13 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News

  1. Sorry to hear about the camera and lost but found luggage. Let the adventure continue! Love the storefront photo.

  2. That is awful about VAL’s stuff. Anything you guys need fedex out to you, just let me know. I’m glad you guys got your luggage. I hope you have smooth sailing for the rest of your trip. Love you both and stay safe.

  3. Dear Val and Kevin,  I am sorry to hear that Val’s camera and English-Spanish translator were stolen.  I am so glad you weren’t hurt.  that person that stole your items had a knife to cut your handbag. Thank goodness you’re okay!!!!! I’m glad Kevin’s enjoying the chcolate covered blueberries, and enjoying them at such a beautiful hostel? I love your roof top with such a nice view of the city. Val, how do I get a birthday certificate at “Red Lobaster” restaurant?  The shrimp dishes looks so good and you know how I love shrimps.  I know Kevin said, it’s not a good restaurant.  Can they mess up on fried shrimps? I guess your Kaiser envelope is nothing important so I’ll just put it in your bedroom. Hope your vacation will be okay from now on.  Glad you got your luggage back intact.  Enjoy your trip and I’ll TTYL.  Love you both–Mom P.S.  When I turn off my computer, it keeps saying “shutting down” for a long time and I would have to turn it off by pressing the monitor?  It happened 2 times already.  Hope it turns off when I’m done with this email. I excersied on the bicycle 2 days (3 minutes each time) and the 3rd day, my legs were hurting so bad.  The 4th day, I exercised for 5 minutes, and felt a little better.  I will slowly increase the time each day.


  4. Glad to hear you got your bags and yes, the knife cut the bag, but thank goodness not Valerie! Glad you had a “Wal-Mart” to pick up some items. LOVE the Kevin sign! Have fun!

  5. Everyone has said it all, glad you are ok and they just got stuff that can be replaced! Your adventure continues and now as Mr and Mrs!!

  6. WOW, CUT?! the camera strap? whew!! thanks for the “refresher”. off to Peru in August…Good luck…since i’ll be in the “next door” should i bring anything for you?

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