Molokai–Other Highlights

The Hotel Molokai is just down the road from Molokai Shores, where we stayed while here.  On Friday nights some local musicians, including several ukulele players gather in the seaside bar to play, sing and hula.  Great setting, nice music and nice sunset.  (More photos)

Mai Tai's at the Hotel Molokai

We visited some of the beaches in Molokai.  At the west end of the island is Papohaku Beach which, at 3 miles long is one of the longest white sand beaches in all of Hawaii.  Just to the south in a protected cove is Kapukahehu Beach, also known as Dixie Maru Beach.  Very nice for swimming since the waves break on the rocks at the entrance to the cove leaving the water very serene at the beach.  To the east about 20 miles from Kaunakakai is Kumimi Beach, also known as Murphy Beach.  It sits on a lovely little spit of land jutting out into the water.  Again the water is fairly calm here due to the natural coral reef break about 150 years out from the shore.

Papohaku Beach

We went out on a snorkel boat, a trip conducted by the local fish and dive shop.  We went out to a marine preservation area and spend about about an hour and 45 minutes in the water.  We saw many different fish, nice coral formations and a couple of green sea turtles.


And finally, we will leave you with Phallic Rock.  It is located near the Kalaupapa lookout.  There are various legends associated with this rock formation but it is considered a sacred site of fertility.  Infertile women can come here and bring gifts to the fertility god Nanahoa in the hopes of conceiving a child.  There’s nothing more to add.

Phallic Rock


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