Molokai–Master Blaster Canoe Race

This annual event was held on a recent Saturday in October by the Molokai Canoe Club.  These are 6 person canoes and the participants must be at least 40 years old for men and 35 years old for women.

Master Blaster Race

The course covers about 6 miles along the southern shoreline to the east of the Kaunakakai pier.  They begin at about 8:00am and finish at the base of the pier.  Along the way they are required to make 4 stops.

Master Blaster Race

At each stop they pull their canoe onto the shore, all members of the team get out of the canoe and each member must drink a beer.  Once all beers have been consumed the team re-enters the canoe and heads off to the next stop.  Oh, and the teams are encouraged to have a costume.

Master Blaster Race

Once they reach the pier the race may be over but the party is just getting started.  What’s not to like about an event like this?

Master Blaster Race


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