Molokai–Halawa Valley

Halawa Valley sits at the far eastern end of the island of Molokai.  It is literally at the end of the road about 27 miles from the town of Kaunakakai.  It is thought that native Hawaiians came to this valley as early as 650 AD and was home to as many as 10,000 people at one time.  In modern times, a tsunami in 1946 wiped out many of the remaining taro plantations and led to a further decline in the population.  Today there are are fewer than 20 residents.

View of the water fall

Since much of the valley remains privately held, you must engage a guide in order to hike in to see the waterfalls.  We hiked in to Moa’ula Falls which is a two stage waterfall about 250 feet high.  The hike is only about 2 miles and is a fairly easy walk.

When you drive to Halawa Valley, the last 5 miles or so is a very narrow road.  It is paved but is only wide enough for 1 vehicle in most places.  There are some wider areas where you can arrange to meet another vehicle if needed.  As you approach the valley, there are places along the road that afford very dramatic views of the coastline along the eastern shore of Molokai as well as view of the valley itself.


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