Molokai–Festivals of Aloha

Since 1946 Hawaiians have been having Aloha festivals each year.  The stated purpose for these festivals is to “preserve and perpetuate Hawaiian culture and to celebrate the diverse customs and Aloha Spirit of Hawaii.”  The festivals are held during September and October.

The Molokai festival was held on Saturday, October 13.  The main event was the parade through the streets of Kaunakakai.  Parade participants included the festival King, Queen and their court, school children, various civic groups, the Princesses from all of the Hawaiian islands and, since this is an election year, politicians running for local as well as national office.  In addition to the parade, there were other activities planned throughout the day.


One thought on “Molokai–Festivals of Aloha

  1. Hi Kevin and Val, Thanks for the email on the Festival of Aloha.  Cute parade, so typical of Hawaiian towns.  Glad you’re enjoying Molokai. 5 weeks should be enough, though.  It’s not easy being confined to a little island.  Bob, after living here for so many years, never wanted to go back to the islands to live.  He just loved Torrance and he loved, mostly the weather and, of course, Las Vegas, (Cal Hotel) where he considered his second home.  Have fun and I’ll see you soon.  Love, Mom  


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