April Showers in Tahoe

This is the Tahoe version of April showers.  I think we’ll go skiing.






3 thoughts on “April Showers in Tahoe

  1. Beautiful! Much too wam for spring here in Georgia. I think we are skipping spring and go directly too summer. I think we are going to have a hot one this year!!

  2. Wellll… because I live where I live and you live in sunny CA, I prefer that we have the warm weather right now, although I’m a little bummed that it’s been such a warm winter and spring. That means the bugs will be HORRID this summer. I don’t look forward to the mosquitos and other biting and stinging pests! I love to look at the snow, but if it’s a necessity to get through to go to work and not a choice to enjoy a sport, I prefer OUR April showers. Have fun!!!!

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