Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!


All winter we’ve been despairing of the fact that there has been so little snow in the Sierra Mountains this winter.  Our plan from last year was to spend some serious time in Tahoe this winter enjoying some skiing.  So we bought a season pass last April that would allow us to do that.  However, there just wasn’t much snow.

We had one ski trip back in December 2011 and we had an OK experience on the man-made snow.  But since then, there has been very little natural snow fall.  We kept remembering that last year was an epic ski season with massive snowfall well into April but you can’t argue with Mother Nature.


Finally in February, our friends asked if we wanted to go to Tahoe and do a little skiing.  We indeed wanted to go.  It presented a good opportunity for Valerie to get some good practice time to boost her confidence in her skiing and maybe take another lesson so we planned to go and spend at least two weeks there.


We came up and had a couple of days of skiing on the less than ideal conditions of the mostly man-made snow that was kind of icy in spots due to the higher daytime temps and lower nighttime temps.  Then, on Monday, when we got up there were snow flurries.  This had been predicted and was expected to result in minimal accumulation.  However, once we got on the mountain, the snow intensified and continued for most of the day resulting in at least a foot of new snow.  Could it be the timing of our trip would coincide with some of the best snowfall of the season?  Maybe.  Today’s skiing was much better even with the 0 degree temps on the upper part of the mountain.  And, there’s a winter storm warning forecast for Wednesday, the 29th.


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