Gotta Go

June 21, 2011, we’ll be heading for Managua, Nicaragua.

Our total trip time is planned for 20 weeks, returning to the US on November 8, 2011.

The big picture itinerary is to spend 4 to 5 weeks in each of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia.  We haven’t gotten to the point of breaking it down to a more detailed level yet, but in Nicaragua, in addition to Managua, we’ll want to visit Leon, Granada, San Juan del Sur and Isla de Ometepe.  The latter is an island in Lake Nicaragua which is formed by twin volcanos rising from the lake.

Compared to Ecuador, this trip will be spent in hotter climates and at lower altitudes.  All of the places we will visit have beautiful beaches, both Pacific and Caribbean.  But there are also a fair share of colonial cities at higher altitudes and a huge variety of wildlife and great areas for hiking.

Until then, we’re enjoying visiting with Mom and spending some time on our favorite activities.