Ecuador Finale

We’ve come full circle now back to Quito preparing for our return to the US for a bit.  For the first couple of days it was cold and rainy here but since has been nicer.  We met up with some new friends that we first met when we got to Quito back in December 2010.  We met them at the L’Auberge Inn where we were staying.  They had arrived the same day we did and were also planning to stay in Ecuador for 3 months.  We talked about what sort of plans we had for our trips and we agreed to keep in touch and trade information as we went along.

Casa Bambu, our view

View from our room at Casa Bambu, Quito

So when we arrived back in Quito, they were here also and we managed to get together.  They had also found a different place to stay very close by to the L’Auberge and we really liked it so we relocated to it, Casa Bambu.  They had finished their trip to the Galapagos so we all exchanged stories and impressions from our time in Ecuador.  They’re very nice people from British Columbia and we have really enjoyed meeting them and hope to keep in touch. Continue reading



Laguna Quilotoa is a water filled volcanic crater located in the backcountry of the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador.  To get to it, you must travel all or some portion of the Quitoloa Loop, a ring of small towns and villages populated mostly by Ecuador’s indigenous people with their centuries old way of life.  Bus travel is infrequent in many portions of the loop so it takes some planning to get around.  We began by traveling from Banos to Latacunga, which is sort of a gateway to the Quilotoa Loop.  We spent one night at Hostel Tiana in Latacunga and then put what we would need to take with us in our backpack and stored our luggage at the hostel.

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IMG_7327 Stitch

Banos doesn’t have the charm of the Spanish colonial architecture that you find in much larger Quito and Cuenca, but it does have charm and it knows it.  Oh, I don’t mean that in the way that the town gives the impression of being snobbish or of being too enamored with itself.  Clearly, it knows that it has a lot to offer and that travelers enjoy coming to sample its charms.  The town and its people make a great effort to present itself as very welcoming and with a simple appeal for its guests.

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