Parade in Riobamba

Cute parade with children dancing

At about 5:00pm, I was going out the the internet shop next door to use their “cabinas” to make a call to reserve a room for Banos, our next stop.  I saw the marching children in costume on the next block so I went back to get Valerie and told her to bring her camera.

Cant have a parade without beauty queens

The parade was to honor 51 hears of operation for their school.  There was a military marching band, beauty queens and 10 or 12 groups of children in different costumes, each with their own music and dance routines.

Cute parade with children dancing

Each group had its own theme, costumes, music and dance.  These guys were doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Cute parade with children dancing

We had to watch out for the stampeding parents following along with their children’s group.

Cute parade with children dancing

Very creative costumes and fun dance routines.  Lots of fun and very cute.


4 thoughts on “Parade in Riobamba

  1. How fun to walk out of your hotel and be surprised by a parade. Everything is so colorful there. I would rather see a parade there than here in Savannah. Even though Savannah has the second largest St. Paddy’s day parade and it is televised on local ABC, CBS and NBC it is a long boring prade of local people on flatbed “Uhaul” type trailers, a ton of school bands, military, local digniteries waving from convertable cars and hard top cars… It seems that they let anyone who wants to, be in the parade.

  2. Sorry I haven’t responded in a while–just busy with school. I had to get caught up with you guys. Last 4 at a time. What amazing adventures you two are having!!! Wow! A lifetime of joys in a few months! Keep the pix and running commentary coming–I echo Nancy’s comment about taking a trip without leaving home.

    We had a tornado touch down here today on the road where Tim and I used to live. A guy was killed down the road–found him underneath his mobile home. The tornado siren went off during lunch and we had to take the kids into the hall and make them sit down until it stopped. It was so dark outside–very eerie! What fun!! Whatever happened to just ordinary weather, not this exaggerated craziness. This too shall pass–come on, Spring!!!

  3. That must have really interesting to watch. Those women are really beautiful also!
    Yes, the weather has been really crazy here. I got a recorded call at 0345 that there was a tornado warning in a neighboring county. Of course, that was the end of sleep for the night.
    Now it’s cold again, but supposed to rise to 50 today.
    Have a good day, wherever your travels lead you. You must be picking up on the Spanish if you’re making reservations over the phone.
    Take care,

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