Quito, Ecuador–First Day

OK, so I’m not going to add a new article for every day.  We just thought it would be nice to get something out there for our first day.  We got into Quito a bit late so it was after 1:00am today (12/26/2010) when we finally got to our room.  So we got a kind of late start to our day.

We spent the day getting our bearings on the part of Quito we’re located in.  We’re sort of Presidential palaceequidistant between two of the most visited parts of the city, the “Old Town”, ie. the historical central part and the “New Town, known as Mariscal Sucre which is where most tourists find what they’re looking for in the way of entertainment and night life, aka Gringolandia.   Today we walked the major part of the Old Town, including the Plaza Grande, the colonial heart of Quito.

Every other Sunday several streets are closed to vehicles so they are filled with bicyclists and pedestrians.  Today was one of those times.  In several plazas we visited there were musical performances and dancing with large crowds watching and participating.Plaza Grande

We had visited the Mercado Central for breakfast and had the typical Ecuadoran Menu del Dia for lunch.  All in all, a good first day.


6 thoughts on “Quito, Ecuador–First Day

  1. As I am currently still a working woman and unable and possibly unwilling to follow your example (at least for now), I am finding your dialogue quite interesting and enjoyable. You have a real knack for writing and use of descriptive language – relating your adventures succinctly yet with such depth. Thanks for the vicarious experience!

  2. Thanks so much for the update. I really enjoyed your each day summaries and will look forward to more.
    It sounds like quite the adventure.
    I’m so glad that you and Valerie found each other. Maybe you can show your new friends how to tango.
    Be safe and healthy in 2011. Love you both, NGC

  3. Wow- you made it safe and sound! It sounds wonderful and we too will enjoy hearing about your adventure! Happy 2011 to the both of you and your new life together…… Love, us (and Hudson)

  4. We are so glad that you made it safe and sound. What a great way to start this new phase of your lives together, we liked the blog name – coop second act- fits perfectly. We love you and are excited to hear about your nexy adventure! Love,
    us (and Hudson).

  5. We are so excited for the 2 of you and your new adventure. It sounds like you are finding your way to “non-working bliss” easily. We love the name of the blog- Coop Second Act- perfect! Please keep us updated…. and have a Happy New Year!
    Love, Michael, Britt & Hudson

  6. Obviously I did not think my comments were going through! hahaha- that is what happens when a non-savvy computer person tries to blog……sorry everyone!

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