November 24, 2010 was my last day working at American Honda.  I began there in January 2001.  So it lasted 9 years and just over 10 months.  Actually, they asked me to carry the Blackberry for the next 4 weeks just to answer questions that might come up regarding any details that we didn’t cover in the transition.

I enjoyed the work, basically doing the same thing for the entire stretch.  I was able to work independently with little supervision or intrusion.  I was a contractor so I was not subject to the usual issues facing employees, no annual reviews or no need to chase the next step in the career path.  The work environment was pleasant and without any significant stress or pressure.

At the risk of being overly dramatic, my period of every day work life has ended.  I’m free now to pursue the remainder of my life in a manner of my choosing.  I’m most likely not through with “work” or some activity related to earning money but my plan is to be through with going to work every day, all day.

Let’s move on.


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