Homeless and soon to be jobless

I’m staring at the email that I have just composed.  It says, “This is notice that my last day with American Honda will be November 24, 2010.”

Is that right?  You’re going to quit the job you’ve had for the past 10 years?  A job that you have every reason to believe that you can continue for at least the next 2, 3 or possibly more years?

That’s right.  I tell myself and others, “You have to pick your time.”  Pick a time that strikes the right balance between financial security and your desire for the next stage to your life.  A time when you still have the energy and desire to go looking for new adventure.  Yes, I said “adventure”.  It’s not just for the young.  Adventure is where you find it.  Adventure is a romantic notion.

But, back to the job I’m about to walk away from.  Yes, I could reasonably expect to stay with it for the next few years.  Given the choice, is that what I really want to be doing?  I don’t hate the work, but I feel like the time is right to go.

I have the perfect partner.  Valerie and I picked this date several months ago.  We have plans, dreams and fears.  But it’s exciting.  There’s nobody to dictate our agenda.  Naturally, we have some limits imposed upon us based upon our budget.  But, otherwise, it’s up to us.

Will the “nest egg” last for the next 30 years?  There are no guarantees.  The first 5 years will be very important and will set the tone for how we manage.  As long as we keep a realistic set of expectations and remain flexible, there’s no end to the adventures available to us.

I sent the email.



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